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Teaching & Learning Excellence (TLE) Certified Course Program - Request for curriculum Design Consultation

What is Instructional Design?
Instructional design involves the use of course outcomes and measurable learning objectives to plan and develop active and engaging learning activities with assessment methods established in "best practices" for teaching and learning. course.

What is an Instructional Designer?

Instructional designers focus on supporting learning environments by systematically analyzing your vision, identifying options to support your needs and working collaboratively with you to recommend, develop, and implement the most effective strategies for your face-to-face, hybrid or online

The CTLE instructional design team provides consultations for you, individually or in a small group setting, in order to answer questions and support development of your course utilizing active, collaborative and engaging instructional strategies.

Instructional designers can help you with:

  • Course design for all formats
  • Course development for all formats
  • Development in Eagle Online
  • Use of graphics
  • Use of video
  • Development of activities, quizzes and discussions
  • Use of 360° imagery
  • And much, much more!

Click the image below to request your appointment with an instructional designer. Complete the request form, and you will be contacted to schedule your appointment.

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