Faculty Training & Development

for new, seasoned; full- and part-Time faculty

Ongoing Training & Development

The ongoing training and development provides new and existing full-time and part-time faculty members who teach in academic, continuing education and workforce disciplines, whether in-person, hybrid or online, the opportunity to explore active, collaborative and engaging concepts and approaches. Faculty will participate in an intensive 6-week face-to-face cohort, coupled with short, topic-specific online modules, to learn instructional design concepts and strategies that enhance student experiences. These sessions may be one-on-one or small group consultations. More information can be found at http://ctle.hccs.edu/FacultyPortal/CourseQuality/CCQindex.htm.

Registration for Ongoing Training & Development Seminars: http://ctle3.hccs.edu/FTDreg/
Download a printable copy of the schedule.

Canvas Training & Registration Schedule
HCC Eagle Online for Canvas Training

EO EAGLETS: Webinar Training Series
The purpose of the EO EAGLETS is to highlight a specific Eagle Online tool. These short, quick, intensive mid-day sessions are held the first Wednesday of each month from 12-12:30 PM via GoToWebinar. The schedule of upcoming sessions can be accessed at: http://ctle.hccs.edu/FacultyPortal/FacultyAcademy/eaglets.htm.

New Employee Onboarding
The New Employee Onboarding provides an ongoing orientation resource for incoming, new and current administrators, staff, faculty and instructional leaders. Participants can navigate to the site is at http://hccs.edu/onboarding.

Just-in-Time for Faculty
Just-in-Time for Faculty is designed to help faculty quickly become acclimated to HCC, offering an overview of policies, procedures and teaching and administrative resources critical to effective service. It can be accessed at http://hccs.edu/jito.

Full-Time Faculty Professional Development
Full-time faculty district-wide have the opportunity to utilize up to $2,000 in faculty professional development funds for individual use during the academic year for specific events and resources. Professional development can include conferences, professional journal subscriptions, seminars, symposiums, webinars, and workshops. Faculty who would like to take advantage of the opportunity can find more information can navigate to http://hccs.edu/facprofdevfundsrequest

Specialized Training
The specialized training resources focus on topic- specific training, developed in collaboration with departments and programs around the district, including developmental math, digital humanities, diversity and inclusion awareness, integrated reading and writing, and others. The online resources are available at http://ctle.hccs.edu/facultyportal/spectraining/spectrainingindex.htm.

EducationXchange is a resource site where faculty can find a variety of teaching methods, learning strategies and tools useful to 21st Century learners, which support learner-centered design in all course formats. The site can be accessed at http://ctle.hccs.edu/facultyportal/edxchange/index.htm.

Virtual Faculty Lounge
The Virtual Faculty Lounge (VFL) provides a single point of access for all products, programs, services and training supported by the Institute for Instructional Engagement and Development. Faculty can navigate to the VFL at http://hccs.edu/vfl.

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