Faculty Awards & Student Engagement Innovation Symposium

About the Faculty Awards & Student Engagement Innovation Symposium

The HCC Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) sponsors the annual CTLE Faculty Awards & Student Engagement Innovation Symposium as a faculty development resource that is by faculty – for faculty. The symposium is for all HCC full-time and part-time faculty. The foundation of this symposium is that instructors effectively communicate successful student engagement practices to their peers.

An annual event, its success is that it is comprised of educators. The format includes a keynote presenter, instructional rounds by faculty – for faculty, and a closing activity that encourages application of concepts learned. The theme is student engagement methodology, with relevant trends and practices. For example, the 2013 event moved HCC’s Quality Enhancement Program learning experiences beyond STEM-related curricula to other critical curricula. The 2014 symposium focused on critical thinking, a core competency that faculty need to include in their curricula. The 2015 symposium focused on best practices related to classroom management techniques.

The symposium models a student engagement approach through the active and engaging delivery of content, with opportunities to apply learning to one’s own courses. The theme changes each year, including a beach theme in 2013, a “Hollywood” theme for critical thinking in 2014 and the art of classroom management & a fine arts theme in 2015. The atmosphere is always fun, and there are substantive take-aways, a book, music, and food. In 2013, faculty were given Student Engagement Techniques: A Handbook for College Faculty, by Elizabeth F. Barkely, which was funded by the Office of Learning Initiatives through Dr. Maria Straus and the Bill and Linda Gates Grant. In 2014, faculty received the critical thinking flipchart, and the 2015 symposium offerred faculty the Handbook for Learning in Teaching Education: Enhancing Academic Practice by Fry, Ketleridge and Marshall.

During the event, CTLE recognizes those faculty members who have completed the Teaching & Learning Excellence Program. These are faculty who are designated as TLE Certified – 21st Century Xemplary Faculty because of their work in creating a student engagement approach in their courses. These faculty are presented with a certificate, a pin, and a medal to recognize their achievement of completion. Special awards are presented to those who have done an exceptional job in creating a student engagement online experience. Their work is highlighted at the award presentation to share with their peers. (See the Judy Hayman Student Engagement Innovation Award information in this web site.)

Feedback from faculty who participate has been overwhelmingly positive. Here is a sampling of feedback received:

“This is the way faculty professional development should to be done, every time!”

"I can improve my teaching skills and HCC supports my desire to do so. HCC is a great place to teach."

"This was the best presentation I've been to at HCC. I've been here since 1994."

"Great sessions!! We need more professional development like this."

“This was a really fun and meaning learning and growth opportunity that was presented by faculty - for faculty.”

You can find the instructional round strategies for activities and best practices here and in the EducationXchange section of the CTLE web site, where they form a library of ideas for use by faculty. Please attend the next symposium and consider contributing to it to share with others and help us maintain CTLE by faculty – for faculty resources.