Technology and Media Services

Technology and Media Services

In addition to Instructional Design services, the Institute for Instructional Engagement & Development (IIED) provides other services district-wide. Specific services include support and maintenance of the Division of Instructional Services website, the management of some software for the district as selected by the Education Technology Council, additional training resource accounts, database development, and instructional videography and photography services.

Technology and Media Services

Register for an account to online learning resources for faculty & staff. Learn software, web design, and business skills to achieve professional goals and improve work efficiency. Click on the links below to request your account:

Check availability and reserve a basement lab (BD11 or BD12) with computers for training or a meeting using the links below:

Request a reservation for training lab BD11 or BD12 - Site accessible with Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox (version 29 and lower).

Database Development Services

Request an online HCC event registration form and database customized to your needs. Services are provided district-wide. You must have an HCC e-mail address to request an event registration form and database. Click on the link complete a database request:

Database Work Order

Web Development Services

Request web development customized to your instructional needs. Web development services are available only for the HCC Division of Instructional Services. Click on the link complete a web development request:

Web Development Services Work Order

Videography Services

Request instructional videography and photography services for your course. Videography and photography services are scheduled and completed at the 3100 Main CTLE studio, and are specifically intended for HCC instructional purposes. Videography services are not currently available for in-classroom recording. Examples include short instructional videos for use on an instructional web site, or within an Eagle Online course, as well as images of equipment and projects. Additional options include the 360° object/3-D imaging software, which renders a 360 degree image of an object up to 200 lbs, and allows electronic rotation of the item for use in a classroom. Click on the link complete a videography request:

Videography Services Work Order