New Employees Onboarding

Supervisors: Onboarding - New Hire

Your First Months - Administrators/Staff

Pre- Hire Adminstrators Staff

Settling in and Making Meaningful Contributions

As you continue to develop in your new role, learn about the organization and build relationships. Sign up, as needed, for professional training, and explore Houston in addition to HCC’s campus.

Talent Engagement Orientation Resources

Your First Months

Schedule, Job Duties, and Expectations Technology Access and Related Issues Socialization Training & Development

Your First Three Months

In your first three months, you should become fully aware of your role and responsibilities, begin to act independently and produce meaningful work. As your acclimation to HCC’s environment continues, you will further embrace your new role at HCC.

Schedule, Job Duties, and Expectations


Technology Access and Related Issues

Training and Development

Your First Six Months

As you gain momentum in your work and take the lead on some initiatives, this is a great time to assess what you have done well and what you could have done differently in your first six months. As your work moves forward, continue to develop relationships with peers as go-to partners.

Schedule, Job Duties, and Expectations


Having Fun

The HCC community embraces the important balance between work and recreation. From plays to movies, conferences to workshops, and basketball and soccer, you’ll find all that and more.

Calendar of Events

Prepare for Employment Adminstrators Staff
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