Yeast respiration - basic principle

Yeast respiration - Kuhne's apparatus At 35-40 degrees Celsius, the rate of respiration increases in yeast and more carbon dioxide collects in the side arm At room temperature, carbon dioxide collects in the side arm as a result of aerobic respiration in yeast Kuhne's apparatus was filled with yeast in 50% glucose solution; no carbondioxide at time 0

Yeast respiration - change in pH After 60 minutes, yeast produces additional carbon dioxide and the solution becomes clear During the first 30 minutes, yeast undergoes aerobic respiration and produces carbon dioxide; carbon dioxide bubbles in the second flask to form carbonic acid; the solution becomes acidic and the color of the solution becomes lighter pink Yeast was grown in 25% glucose solution in the first flask; In the second flask, a drop of NaOH was added to make the solution alkaline and phenolphthalein was added that gives bright pink color in alkaline environment