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Somatic Cell Division - basic principle

Plant root tip image

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Plant cell division stages Formation of new nucleus Sister chromatids moving towards opposite poles Chromatin condensing to form chromosomes Nucleolus Chromatin Nuclear membrane Cell plate Metaphase plate Chromosomes decondense to form chromatin, nucleolus and nuclear membrane reappear, cell plate completely separate the two nuclei to form two cells Two sets of chromosomes reach opposite ends of the cell, cell plate (cytokinesis) starts forming in the center of the cell Elongation of the cell, sister chromatids of each chromosome separate and move towards opposite poles of the spindle Chromosomes align at the equator of the spindle to form metaphase plate Chromatin condenses to form chromosomes, nuclear membrane and nucleolus break down, spindle starts forming Synthesis of new chemicals and organelles, DNA duplication
Animal vs. plant cytokinesis images Cleavage furrow Cell plate