Pig external features Tail Umbilical cord Appendage (limb) Tongue Nose Eyelids Trunk Neck External ear Head

Internal organs exposed Abdominal wall Large Intestine Small intestine Liver Diaphragm Lung Heart enclosed in pericardium Rib cage

Pig heart Pulmonary trunk Left ventricle Right ventricle Left atrium Cut and reflexed pericardium Ribcage Lung Lung Right atrium Lung Rib cage Heart Pericardium slightly cut to expose heart

Anterior blood vessels Left subclavian vein Left external jugular Right subclavian artery Common carotid artery Anterior vena cava Aorta Lung Lung Pulmonary trunk Left ventricle Right ventricle Left atrium Right atrium

Posterior blood vessels Kidney Posterior vena cava Urinary bladder Umbilical arteries Iliac artery Abdominal aorta Renal artery Kidney Renal vein

Pig respiratory Diaphragm Ribcage muscles Lung Lung Lung Lung Trachea Larynx Nose

Upper digestive Trachea Esophagus Opening for the lower digestive system Opening for the lower respiratory system Hard palate Tongue

Lower digestive Spleen Pancreas Bile duct Gall bladder Liver Large intestine Small intestine Stomach Esophagus

Urinary Umbilical artery Urethra Urinary bladder Ureter Renal aretry Abdominal aorta Posterior vena cava Renal vein Kidney Kidney

Male and female openings Genital papilla Labia Urogenital opening Scrotal sac Scrotal sac Anus Anus

Male reproductive Vas deferns Epididymis Testis Scrotal sac Urethra Urinary bladder Umbilical artery Penis Male urogenital opening

Female reproductive Urinary bladder Urethra Urogenital opening Urogenital sinus Vagina Body of the uterus Horn of the uterus Ovary