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Copyright Literacy in the Academic Environment


Glad you're here! We've been expecting you! You can use the link at the bottom of each page to continue through this seminar (2-3 hrs.), or you can click on the tabs above to review each section at your own pace. The links at the side will allow you to skip back or jump ahead to review.

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To start, please watch/listen to the movie (1 min., 2 sec.) below, an introduction from Jennifer B. Stidham, Public Services Librarian, HCC Northeast.

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About this seminar: This seminar takes 2 to 3 hrs. It is broken into small manageable sections of information.  All of the sections consist of brief reading, audio, video, and suggestions for your course design. There is also a handbook with tools from the training that you can download and use to apply what you learn.

You must take the quiz at the end to get credit, but the real test is how you apply the concepts to your course as appropriate.

So, please read the content, listen to the audio, watch the videos, and practice the concepts in your course.

Navigating through this seminar: Click the link at the bottom of each page to continue moving through this seminar


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