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The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) at Houston Community College
TSI Pre-Assessment Activity

TSI Math Practice Test - Video Transcript

I want to tell you a little bit about the TSI assessment you are going to take so you know what to expect. Then, if you think you might need more practice, you can review the materials in this site.

The TSI assessment is an assessment used by Texas colleges to make sure you are placed into the most appropriate courses based upon your math abilities. Your success is our priority and you are more likely to be successful when you are placed into the correct course.

The questions are multiple-choice and will assess both college and career readiness standards for mathematics. The TSI assessment is adaptive. This means that the number of questions you answer is determined by your previous answers. So, based on the way you answered the previous question, the TSI will seek to accurately identify your math level. You will answer between 20 to 60 questions.

Here are the categories of questions that you will find on the TSI:

Elementary Algebra and Functions measures your knowledge in linear equations, inequalities and systems; algebraic expressions and equations; word problems and applications. You will not be timed on this test. So, take the time you need to do your best.

Intermediate Algebra and Functions measures your knowledge in quadratic and other polynomial expressions, equations and functions; expressions, equations, and functions involving powers, roots and radicals; rational and exponential expressions, equations and functions.

Geometry and Measurement measures your knowledge in plane geometry; transformations and symmetry; linear, area and three-dimensional measurements.

Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability measures your knowledge in interpreting categorical and quantitative data, statistical measures and probabilistic reasoning.

You will receive your results immediately after completing the TSI assessment. These results will allow us to place you in the appropriate course. Depending on your performance, you will be place into adult basic education courses, developmental education courses, or college level courses. Your advisor will explain your options when you attend the pre-enrollment session.

As you can see, being prepared for the test can save you time and money. Below are a few selections followed by several sample questions. See how well you do. Your results will indicate where you might place when you take the actual TSI assessment. But if you think you might perform better with more practice then please review the additional instructional materials within this site before you take the TSI assessment. Good luck!



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