Just-In-Time for Faculty

Table on Contents

Ability Services - What to do when a student requests disability accommodations

Academic Advising - What to do if a student asks for help with his/her academic plan

Adjunct Faculty Pathways - How-tos for new adjunct faculty

Course Attendance - How to record attendance

Course Design & Development - How to improve the quality of your course

Campus Emergency Plan - What to do if there is an emergency on campus

Campus Security - How to contact the HCC Police Department

Classroom Teaching Tips - How to create an engaging learning experience for your students

College Libraries - Learn about the HCC library web site and HCC library resources

Continuing Education - Learn about the services the Continuing Education department offers to our community

Course Grades - How to record grades

Diversity & Inclusion - Diversity and inclusion support at HCC

Eagle Alert - How to help at-risk students become successful with Eagle Alert

Face-to-Face Tutoring - Free face-to-face tutoring for students

Just-In-Time for Faculty homepage - homepage for resources designed to help faculty to quickly become acclimated to HCC

HCC Email - How to log into and sending HCC email

HR Training Resources - Employee training offered by Human Resources

Online Tutoring - Free online tutoring for students

Survey of Instruction EGLS3 - How your students evaluate your course at HCC

Syllabus Components - How to create your syllabus

Syllabus Database - How to submit your course to Curricunet

Syllabus & Resume Posting - How to post your syllabus and resume to the Learning Web

Teaching Online - What to do if you want to teach HCC Online courses

Tech Help On Campus - Getting technical support for your on-line class on campus

Welcome - Discover what you will learn on this web site and how your teaching techniques impact your students

Wrap-Up - Receive credit for the module and watch the student experience video

Your First Year - Learn how often to review all the resources available to you