IIED's 5th Annual Faculty Awards & Student Engagement Innovation Symposium


Keynote Speaker's Presentations

Houston Community College Metacognition and Mindset May 2017
Houston Community College Motivation May 2017


Learning Strategies Inventory

Teaching Learning Strategies
2017 Symposium Handbook

Symposium Survey

Interactive Lightening Rounds

Presentation Presenter Handouts

Elizabeth Ho

Bingo Card I​

Bingo Card II​​
he Flipped Classroom

Remember Not to Forget: Connecting with Students through Strengths​ Margaret Freeman Fulfilling  the Promise: Strengths at Community and Technical Colleges

StrengthsQuest on the College Campus: From Concept to ImplementationSoundtrack Exercise

Motivate to Educate Lucy Quinn Fish Bowl

Metacognition + Motivation = Student Success

Effective Learning Strategies for Diverse Classrooms
(How to Deal with Diverse Age Groups in Your

Brenda Arceneaux ​Power Process Persist
Prepare Students for the Demands for Success in the World of Work Rosa M. Chaidez​

Daily Planner Template
The most important person in the world right now is you
Stress Relief Activity​

Peer Collaboration to Facilitate Classroom Discussion​ Shailaja Menon

Discussion Activity
Peer Collaboration to Facilitate Classroom Discussion
Rubric Discussion Groups

Multiple Intelligences Assessment for Students Self-Awareness and Learning Preparation Dr. Marcia Oliveira​​

The Multiple Intelligences Quiz​
Multiple Intelligences and Activities Plan

Focusing on Learning Instead of Teaching - Classify

​Dr. Pauline Ward

Strategies for Active Student Participation in the

Dr. China Jenkins​ Pending
​Innovation in the Classroom Dorsetta Williams

Educational Buzzwords​
Scenario Explanations
Scenarios​ Reflections

Learning with Students through Chopped​ Charles Rucker

In the Pantry​
Recipe Card​

Using Discussion Tool to Enhance Student Learning Sofia John



Working with Unprepared Students to Establish Clear Expectations and Define Student Success​ Evelyn V. Velasquez Pending